Technology Advisor

Freddy Espinosa Sosa has nine years of experience working in information technology-related fields and entrepreneurship. He is the Managing Director of Almaty Tech LLC, a small Technologies and IT Consulting Business, and the founder of Epicentro World, an online community organization that aims to empower people through technologies and free access to information. He also helped to implement the “Family Hope” project in 2018. Freddy is an alumnus of Alumni TIES 2019, and the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) 2016. During this exchange program, Freddy presented the projects he developed at Almaty Tech (while in Cuba) and Epicentro World to contribute to the development of the Cuban people and to empower communities through free media and information. Freddy has an associate’s degree in applied science in electronics technologies from the Technical Institute Osvaldo Herrera in Havana.

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