Program Director

Bianca Alvarado grew up on both sides of the Tijuana/San Diego Border. Although the border brought many challenges growing up, now it has become a meaningful place for opportunity. 

Bianca is an educator with over 8 years of experience in innovative program design and management, online curriculum development, and educational technology. She is a community leader with over 7 years of experience engaging in projects related to community development, STEM, and workforce development. She has used her diverse and multidisciplinary background in working with nonprofits, technology, and education to become an eLearning specialist and consultant. 

In 2012, Bianca graduated from San Diego State University in International Relations. Prior to this, she studied abroad in Uruguay through the distinguished Gilman Scholarship. In 2014 she earned her Single Subject Teaching Credential. Most recently in 2018, she graduated from the University of San Diego with a Master of Arts in Social Innovation on a Merit-based scholarship. 

Bianca’s work with issues along the border inspired her to create Baja Urban. Throughout the years Baja Urban has expanded into many projects that carry out her mission of promoting Hispanic culture. Today BU produces bilingual digital books that teach kids about social issues. This project came about after her studies on indigenous traditions in México through a grant provided by the Kroc School at the University of San Diego. 

Growing up in an underinvested community, she realized that there are no leadership opportunities or network opportunities for youth which inspired her to create an online digital program to make 20-century learning accessible to youth. 

With the help of the US Department of State and an Alumni TIES grant, Casa Azul Productions’ Apprenticeship Program came to life. Now it has evolved into Casa Azul Productions 2.0, where her work consists of taking other organizations’ programs online and creating digital media content that is sensible to youth needs based on culture and demographics.

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