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La Casa Azul Productions’ Digital Media Apprenticeship Pilot Program

La casa azul productions

La Casa Azul Productions is the name for this project; ‘la casa azul’ means The Blue House in English. The name refers to the house in which Bianca Alvarado (our program leader) was raised in Tijuana, México.

Impact Region

Our long-term vision is to create a space where youth can learn about digital media. The current pilot program will be hosted in the southern region of San Diego, California known as Chula Vista. Located just a few miles away from the Tijuana border.


The pilot program, will concentrate on implementing an apprenticeship program where Hispanic youth  will receive training and knowledge on careers related to technology, specifically in digital media content creation.


Online Learning and Internships


Hispanics occupy only 2% of the STEM workforce in the US our goal is to increase the percentage of Hispanics in STEM careers.

Self Learning

Hispanic youth will receive training and knowledge on careers related to technology, specifically in digital media.


Curriculum videos are done with youth providing the instruction to engage students in online learning.

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Our current progress:

Recent Survey

Results from a recent survey indicate that out of 27 students interested/enrolled in taking the course on website development, 60% are girls and 70% are considered low-income and receive free school lunch.

Benefits of Online Course

Students will be able to access the content at any time. They will be able to review the material if needed.

Data & Online Course

We will be able to better track their progress and run analytical data.

Recent Workshop

87% of youth from the first workshop told us that this was the first tech course that they had ever taken.

For Youth by Youth

We are creating youtube-style videos that are created by youth for youth

2020 Goal

We will be creating a blended learning program where students learn online and will have a physical space to implement their learning with a local business.

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This initial project pilot is funded through an Alumni TIES small grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by World Learning.

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