Casa Azul Productions

Casa Azul Productions is an EdTech consulting company, started with a pilot called Casa Azul Productions’ Apprenticeship Program, a program funded by the US State Department Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs through an Alumni TIES grant in 2020.

We collaborate with institutions to create engaging virtual experiences for diverse learners that integrate storytelling, culturally relative content, and multimedia learning.

Design Principles:

Stakeholder Engagement

Conduct a needs analysis to identify learning requirements based on the organization’s goals, user’s needs, and stakeholder’s interests.

Learner-Centered Design

Design and craft courses with content that is relevant, motivational, and engages students in active online learning.

Multicultural Learning

Culturally relative content creation based on the users’ culture, demographics, background, geographical location, and learning needs.

Work Samples:

Online Curriculum Developer – Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF)

The TKF Restorative Workshop Curriculum is an educational series designed to introduce students to the principles, methods, and application of restorative practices.
Casa Azul is currently helping TKF transition session models of Restorative Justice Programs to a Digital Platform that is user-friendly utilizing Google Classroom and Canvas LMS.

Course Content Samples:

What our Happy Student Say
As a student, my great achievement was to obtain my illustration certificate from Casa Azul. Because thanks to that course I have been able to use everything I learned for my class proyects and also for personal projects. For example, about a month ago I created an illustration for the MEChA club, which is a leadership group in the school that represents Hispanic culture and I am part of the designer team. Through this course I was able to create an illustration for a mural that the MEChA club wants to create at school.
Gabriela Diaz-Urrea

Trusted by Students

“What I liked the most about the course were the simplicity and the clear explanation, I really thought it would be much more complicated”

Gerardo Martinez Cervantes, Mexico

“What I liked the most was that the explanation of the course was digestible and concrete”

Ahisamac Martínez Pérez , Mexico

“Everything was very clear, graphic, very entertaining, it really inspires you to want to learn and practice”

Maria dalila Senestrari, Argentina

“The explanation in the course is very good and it is very practical due to time, there are courses that become tedious because they are very long, this one, in particular, I liked a lot”

Jamie Sahory Hernández Jasso

Learn About the Founder

Bianca Alvarado is an Education and technology professional with 7+ years of experience with designing and facilitating effective and engaging curricula for learners of all ages and diverse backgrounds. She is a creative and innovative leader with a track record of developing inventive and successful learning experiences.

Collaborators and Partners:

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